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Charles Dickens’ House: Closed for refurbishment during the year of his 200th Anniversary

This year marks the 200th year of the birthday of Charles Dickens.  Though I don’t claim to have read ALL of Dickens’ novels, I have read many.  I am a fan.  I am also a literary tourist: i.e. if I should be in a city or place that has been graced with the birthplace of a famous writer, or scene from a famous novel, I make the effort to visit the landmarks and museums and what not.  I’ve been to the Bronte Parsonage, I’ve done the Bronte Walk, the Jane Austen Centre in Bath, the

The Winner is ‘London’, London wins the Olympic Bid, followed by terrorist bombings

With the opening ceremony of the London Olympics merely a week away, I remember back to the year 2005 when I lived in London and the host city for the 2012 games was announced.  I purchased a copy of ‘The Guardian’ on the 7th July, the day after the announcement took place, the front page story a great contrast to what would be shown on the cover of the 8th July edition….

Time Travelling Fiction

To describe in detail the full scope of special (and general) relativity requires careful and extensive mathematical examination, none of which I’m prepared to give here. You could really gain full appreciation the delights of relativity some by sitting in on some kooky physics lectures (or enrolling in them); you may even be able to string together some of the basics as explained in important movies and TV shows such as Back to the Future stringing together some of the basics as


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