Month: April 2011

Aragorn makes an almighty road trip in The Road (2009)

Aragorn (Viggo Mortenssen) makes almighty road trip across post-apocalyptic America with young son.  Exposed to perils of the remains of humanity – garbage hoarding, starvation, cannibals and other weirdos.  Some really horrible scenes  – gut wrenching!  The world is in a state in which life cannot continue except on remains which are soon to run out!  Nothing can grow, dead trees abound – the only food left may be found in fallout shelters, and on other living people.

Despite all this Aragorn and son battle onward with the notion that they carry ‘the fire’ that is the human spirit – the goodness of humanity.  They do not succumb to the evil ways of gangs and cannibalism, but battle on to save themselves and protect some notion of what it is to be human in this heartbreaking environment.

This film evoked so much emotion – so much of it was so horrible, a prediciton of a possible future – when the world around us is depleted of its natural resources – and the way we behave when that time comes.  It is a confronting story of survival.  I don’t know if I could watch it more than once but it is a must see.